Here are some of our most frequently received questions. If you would like additional information or have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to connect with you.

Who created material?

The material was written in the 1970s and 80s by Pastor Dick Woodward. ICM updates, publishes, and distributes Foundations worldwide. Click here to learn more about our history.

Is this material associated with any Christian denomination?

The curriculum does not endorse any one particular denomination. Its theological position is thoroughly evangelical and ascribes to the Lausanne Covenant. On doctrines that have been debated in the church, Pastor Woodward often takes a moderate doctrinal stance by presenting the various interpretations and applications under consideration.

Is there any certification for completing the course?

Currently there is no official certification or accreditation for completing courses.

Does it cost any money to study online?

The materials on this website may be freely copied for noncommercial (no monetary gain) use by individuals and groups. Please respect the copyright and do not alter the material in any way. If you wish to use the content in a modified way, please contact our organization and we can discuss options.

Can I download the lessons?

Yes. You can download the study lessons, either in audio or in PDF file. You can find the links below each lesson. Please do not alter the material unless you have expressed written permission from our organization.

Can I guide my own study group with this material?

Yes. We encourage everyone to download the material for use in small groups.

How can I use the Bible together with my study?

Many people ask for a list of chapters and Bible verses that can be read before each lesson. This study is not a verse-by-verse study of the Bible and sometimes an entire book is covered in a single lesson. The best way to read the Bible with the curriculum is to read the books of the Bible that are being covered in your course throughout the time you are in that particular course. For example, when studying the “Acts-Romans” New Testament Course, start reading both books at the same pace as it takes you to listen to all of the audio lessons in the course.

What do I do if I have problems using the website?

If you encounter any problem with an audio lesson that does not play, please let us know in the contact section.